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DATTA Vic Teaching Masterclasses

The critical shortage of qualified Design & Technologies teachers is the biggest issue faced by our learning area. DATTA Vic is advocating on our members' behalf to government and the tertiary sector, but we know more short-term solutions are required.

In 2019, we set up our first Teaching Design MasterclassThis program is targeted at new and existing teachers who may not have had initial Technologies teacher training but are currently teaching the D&T curriculum in secondary schools. 

Since then, with support from Creative Futures, we have adapted the masterclass for an online format, which we deliver once per term over a 5 week period.

In the Masterclasses, participants are introduced to a wide range of topics, including:

  • Teaching the design process
  • CAD
  • Emerging technologies
  • Modelling & prototyping techniques
  • Classroom Management & OH&S
  • Developing curriculum for years 7-10
  • New approaches to VCE PD&T
  • Precious Plastics
  • Teaching STEM in D&T
  • Tackling real-world problems

*NOTE - This is not a program to train teachers in the use of machinery and tools. It is intended as a means of support for educators faced with delivering an unfamiliar curriculum and offers an approach to developing programs teaching the necessary knowledge, understanding and skills without the use of the usual power tools and machines found in the Design & Technologies workshop. DATTA Vic’s main priority is to continue to advocate for a governmental response to the need to grow the number of opportunities for initial teacher education in Design & Technologies.

Participant feedback:

I really enjoyed it and got so much out of it. I have used it to create new electives for next year.

It made me rethink how we can teach design and tech – focusing on sustainability and problem solving is great.

The personal design project is to me a really important component as it allows us to be in the place of a student and to understand any difficulties they may have.

It is valuable it is not only for STEM but for all Critical and Creative thinking in the Curriculum.

As a completely new teacher to this Domain area, I am very grateful to have been welcomed to undertake this course. I have found it fantastic. lots of information that was shared, and Peter was so knowledgeable. 

The structure was logical and flowed well. The structure allowed me to gain confidence with the overall Technology and Design process before going into further detail of junior and VCE curriculum, CAD programs etc.

I feel much more confident now and really excited about where Design Technology can go in the future at our school 

    In 2020, we also piloted a Success with Systems Engineering Masterclass in partnership with Banyule Nillumbik Tech School with support from the Google Educator Professional Development Grant.

    This program aims:

    • To upskill teachers from existing STEM areas (Design & Technologies, Physics, etc) to deliver engaging and relevant Systems Engineering programs
    • To explore ways to attract and retain more young people – in particular girls – in Systems Engineering
    • To offer support to low SES schools to set up VCE Systems Engineering as a senior subject

    Participant feedback:

    The masterclass covered all the requirements to be able to know how to begin teaching VCE Systems. A Lot of practical demonstrations and hands-on activities to develop skills for teaching.

    I learned a lot from this – new learning, new ways of doing things. It improved my understanding on various areas.

    Now I’ll be more confident with beginning teaching VCE Systems and will know more about planning.

    I feel confident to start implementing a systems engineering course.

    I will give students most opportunity to experiment and iterate.

    For information on our next Masterclass program,  browse our Professional Learning calendar or contact Laura at pl@datta.vic.edu.au.




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