New VCE PD&T SAT Criteria & Related Exam Questions (PL1814)

Join DATTA Vic for this briefing that takes an in-depth,step-by-step look at the new VCE PD&T assessment criteria for 2018..

VCE Systems Engineering Units 1 & 3 for New & Returning Teachers (PL1805)

NOTE NEW DATE - MARCH 1ST. This workshop, which covers all you need to know about VCE Systems Engineering Units 1 & 3, is ideal for teachers who are new, those returning to the profession and anyone who wants the latest information on assessment criteria.

The New VCE PD&T Units 1 & 3 for New & Returning Teachers (PL1802)

THIS WORKSHOP IS NOW FULL. Get ready for the year ahead with this workshop, which covers all you need to know about the new VCE PD&T Units 1 & 3. It's ideal for teachers who are new or returning to the profession, or who simply want to improve their knowledge and understanding.

VCE PD&T SAT Folio Student Workshop via Polycom (PL1801)

This workshop will offer rural and regional students an invaluable insight into the requirements for the School -Assessed Task in the new VCE Product Design & Technology. Participants will be taken through all the components of their folios by an experienced presenter. Not to be missed!

South West Region D&T Group - the New VCE PD&T Study Design (PL17056)

Are you teaching VCE PD&T in South Western Victoria? Join our regular forum where you can meet local teachers, network and share skills, ideas and knowledge. .

VCE PD&T Student Exam Prep via Polycom (PL17054)

This workshop is ideal for students and their teachers in rural and regional Victoria preparing for exams in Product Design and Technology

VCE Systems Engineering Student Exam Prep (PL17032)

This workshop gets students and their teachers ready for the VCE exam by reviewing the necessary unit 3 and 4 outcomes. You'll also refresh your knowledge and gather tips in revising for the exam.

Design & Engineering on the Move - the Present & Future of the Automotive Industry (PL17053)

PART OF DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY WEEK 2017. Join Northcote High School and experts from the Automotive Industry for this free evening exploring the study and career opportunities in this rapidly evolving sector, especially in research and development.

VEX Robotics Intensive - Wangaratta (PL17052)

PART OF DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY WEEK 2017. FREE FOR DATTA VIC MEMBERS. DATTA Vic will be presenting a full day's intensive workshop in Wangaratta giving teachers in the North East all the information they need to build, program and compete with VEX Robots

Child's Play - Inquiry-Based Learning - a Teacher PD from Discovery Bendigo

PART OF DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY WEEK 2017. The Discovery Science and Technology Centre Bendigo is hosting a Teacher PD on Inquiry-Based Learning. The PD will be held on the Wednesday the 18th of October, 2017, from 4.30pm - 7pm.