Join DATTA Vic at our annual mid-year conference to explore the potential in emerging technologies for teaching Design & Technologies and STEaM.

VCE PD&T SAT Criteria & Related Exam Questions (PL1907)

NOTE THE DATE CHANGE - APOLOGIES FOR THE CONFUSION. THIS SESSION IS RUNNING ON THE 28TH MARCH .Join DATTA Vic for this briefing that takes an in-depth,step-by-step look at the new VCE PD&T assessment criteria and explores related exam questions for 2019.

Build your own Infrared, Remote-Controlled STEaM Model (PL1906)

Join Pat McMahon in this hands-on, full-day STEaM workshop, where participants will chose to construct a model from three of Pat’s STEaM Projects and run it from either an Arduino or Picaxe Microcontroller.

VCE Systems Engineering Units 1 & 3 for New & Returning Teachers (PL1905)

NOTE NEW DATE This workshop, which covers all you need to know about the new VCE Systems Engineering Units 1 & 3, is ideal for teachers who are new, those returning to the profession and anyone who wants the latest information on assessment criteria.

Introduction to VEX Robotics (PL1926)

This full-day workshop will give you all the information you need to start building, programming and competing with VEX Robots

VCE PD&T Units 1 & 3 for New & Returning Teachers (PL1902)

Get ready for the year ahead with this workshop, which covers all you need to know about the new VCE PD&T Units 1 & 3. It's ideal for teachers who are new or returning to the profession, or who simply want to improve their knowledge and understanding.

VCE PD&T SAT Folio Holiday Masterclass for Students (PL1906)

POSTPONED - NEW DATE IN MAY TO BE ANNOUNCED. This workshop will offer students an invaluable insight into the requirements for the School -Assessed Task in VCE Product Design & Technology. Participants will be taken through all the components of their folios by an experienced presenter. Not to be missed!

Design in Art: Frida Kahlo, Art Deco & Gothic Beauty (PL1860)

This professional learning event at Bendigo Art Gallery offers a program that enables textiles teachers to be guided through three new exhibitions all which focus on elements of costume, fashion and design.

Celebrate the National Conference with a Special Design Evening at the NGV (PL1861)

Between Two Worlds | Escher X Nendo at NGV - Enjoy a drink at the bar, explore this summer blockbuster exhibition and participate in an exclusive presentation by Ewan McEoin, NGV’s Senior Curator from the Department of Contemporary Design.

Engineering & Design PD for Gippsland Teachers with Deakin University (PL1860)

This exciting and interactive afternoon gives teachers an opportunity to take their Engineering and Design teaching skills to a new level. Explore robotics education programs, learn about VR and AR in the classroom, skype to Deakin University STEM lecturers, and participate in a hands-on activity exploring humanitarian engineering.