Tony Herceg

Tony has worked at Gisborne SC since 2001 and is currently teaching and coordinating Y7-10 Electronics / Robotics, VCE Systems Engineering and VET UEE22011 Certificate 2 in Electrotechnology (Electrician Career Start).  He was trained as an Electrical Engineer in Croatia, where he worked as a testing engineer for a big electrical industry group for eight years and as a teacher of electrotechnology subjects for three years.  He moved to Melbourne in 1999 and completed a Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education at Victoria University.   

He has had the following VCAA Systems Engineering appointments: 2014-2018 exam assessor and 2017-2018 Top Designs selection panel member.  Thanks to the DATTA Vic PD opportunities, he was able to offer the then-latest learning opportunities to his classes, such as, PICAXE robotics from 2009, Arduino robotics from 2012, VEX robotics since 2016, etc.  Over the years his students won numerous recognitions, including regular top design exhibition inclusions, premier study awards, La Trobe University student project showcase awards, University of Melbourne Hands on Engineering awards, etc.  Many of his former students have obtained electrical apprenticeships or degree jobs in the top electrical industry companies. 

Tony is generous in his support of others in the field, sharing his resources and ideas.  He is always willing to talk through issues with teachers or students.