Project Save the World at Melbourne Museum (PL1939)

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This very special teachers' event for the DATTA Vic mid-year conference is open to all members.

We’re delighted to be partnering with Melbourne Museum for a very special event for teachers – Project Save the World.

The Revolutions: Records & Rebels  exhibition celebrates the momentous impact of the late 1960's, exploring the events, music, voices and technological advancements that defined the cultural and political vanguard of the period.

The 1960s is one of the most contentious decades in living memory, carried along on a wave of activism by students, marginalized communities, and women. Today, passionate young people are once again catalysts for change, from 15-year-old Greta Thunberg’s fight to stop climate change, to the young Parkland activists leading thousands throughout the world on the March for our Lives to demand an end to gun violence.

So how can schools today be a part of the solution and not the problem? How can we tackle the anxiety children feel about climate change and human rights? How can we empower our students to feel they can have an active role in developing solutions to these overwhelming problems?

Join Peter Murphy as he discusses Northcote High School’s Save the World  initiative, a cross-curricular, multi-age, design thinking and DigiTech program which empowers young people to address the UN Sustainability goals. After that you’ll explore the Revolutions: Records & Rebels exhibition and network with your teaching colleagues from throughout Victoria over a glass of wine in the inspiring surrounds of Melbourne Museum.

Photo credit: Time Out


4.30pm - 7pm

Friday 10th May



Melbourne Museum, Carlton



$70 (inlcudes refreshments and exhibition entry)

Thanks to Melbourne Museum for their support for this program


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