Members' Survey - VCE Unit 4

On August 21, DATTA Vic carried out a survey with our members to collate their questions about teaching VCE Unit 4 (both PD&T and Systems Engineering). On August 24, we shared the results of the survey with the VCAA's Curriculum Manager in order to gain greater clarity on assessment.

The stats were as follows:

142 Responses received by 9am, 24th August 2020

  • 87% of respondents do not believe their students will be able to meet the practical requirements study design / SAT
  • 70% of students have had less than 50% of their normal production time in class
  • 56% of teachers and students are now trying to make arrangements to return to school to continue making during stage 4 restrictions to meet demands in current study design / SAT requirements
  • 64% of respondents hoping to return to school in term 3 do not feel confident about their ability to ensure required physical distancing and cleaning of tools and equipment during required construction activities
  • 92% of respondents do not feel confident that students will have enough time to complete required practical work safely
  • The following courses of action would be most helpful to teachers;
    • 57% of repondents would like the VCAA to reduce requirements of SAT and Study Design
    • 31% of teachers would like clearer guidance on how to mark the SAT (especially criteria 6-9 in PD&T)

We will share any information we receive from the VCAA with our members as soon as possible.

A reminder - All VCE enquiries should be directed to the following VCAA staff:

  • PD&T & Systems Engineering Curiculum Manager - Leanne Compton (
  • Continuity of learning (all aspects) and assessment – Justin Seabury ( or Barbara Elvin (  
  • School-assessed coursework design options – Geoff O’Neill (o’ 
  • Study-specific enquiries – Robyn Douglass (

The DET also have a dedicated COVID-19 Helpline for all enquiries - 1800 338 663