FAQ: Technologies Teacher training and qualifications

How do I become a Technologies Teacher?

Do you have an Undergratduate Degree in a Technologies area?

If you have an undergraduate degree in a relevant subject area, e.g. Industrial or Product Design, Engineering, Fashion Design, Architecture (with a practical component), Furniture Design, etc., you can complete a Bachelor of Education, or a Master of Teaching at a number of universities. Unfortunately, not many universities offer a Technology Teaching method – it may depend on whether they have enough students wanting to enrol in this area (check before you enrol). (You may require Safe Use of Machinery accreditation - see below). The following universities offer initial teacher training for those with a relevant undergraduate degree:

You will require Safe Use of Machinery accreditation - see below.


Do you have a trade qualification?

If you have a trade background (i.e. a Cert 4 in a trade and a number of years of industrial experience), LaTrobe University offers a 4 year Bachelor of Technology Education that will qualify you to teach Technologies. Relevant information can be found through the LaTrobe Uni website or by contacting the course convenor directly at K.OReilly-Briggs@latrobe.edu.au.

You will require Safe Use of Machinery accreditation - see below.


Are you already a teacher, but in another area?

I have teaching qualification in another learning area, but would like to teach a Technologies subject (e.g. Materials Technology – Wood, Metal, Plastics, Textiles or Systems Engineering). What do I need to do to be able to teach in any of these areas?

For VIT recognition of this as a tagged learning area, you would need to have completed 1 year of study in a relevant material or subject area. Principals should recognise industrial/trade training and experience when considering whether a teacher is suitable for teaching in these areas.

There are currently no courses that are available if you want to gain a post-teaching qualification for the Technologies teaching area. LaTrobe Uni teach units in Technology teaching methods (see above), but their Technology Education course has only limited technical or practical components. The only way to show accredited knowledge in the practical aspects of your materials or specialist area is to gain some form of relevant TAFE accreditation.

You may have an undergraduate degree in a relevant area (e.g. Engineering) but don’t have a method or tagging in the Technologies area (it may be in Science or Art). If you completed a practical/technical component in your undergraduate degree, it will be easier for you to transition across to teaching Technologies.

You may require Safe Use of Machinery accreditation - see below.


Safe Use of Machinery accreditation

All teachers of Technology - to teach in the Wood/Metal areas in government schools, you are required to have ‘Safe Use of Machinery’ accreditation (22231VIC). It is also highly recommended that teachers in Catholic and Independent schools complete this course.

Please note - principals can authorise teachers without a recognised tagging or experience to teach in the area, but the principal has the responsibility for any issues that might arise. Teachers in these situations require a lot of support from other Technology faculty members. DATTA Vic doesn’t recommend untrained teachers teach in Technology specialist areas. We would be seriously concerned about their safety and the safety of their students.