Celebrate D&T Week at NGV - Design Storytellers - The Work of Broached Commissions

Lucy McRae | England born 1989 arrived Australia 1982 | Prickly lamp (detail) from the Broached Colonial collection 2011| timber, steel | Photo: Scottie Cameron | © Lucy McRae


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Established in 2011, Broached Commissions was founded as a creative agency whose purpose is to commission designers to produce ambitious and finely crafted, collectable design pieces with the capacity to reflect on or disrupt the traditions of design. Through a series of thematically rich collections, Broached Commissions has cemented a position that is unique in the world of Australian design. Each collection is anchored within an overarching creative framework, providing a sounding board against which designers can propose works that must respond to a central narrative, binding the work together.

This exhibition presents works from across four Broached Commission collections: Broached East, Broached Colonial, Broached Exceptions and Broached Monsters. Together the exhibited works convey the ongoing Broached Commissions project of interrogating globalisation, and the upheavals it causes, through the history of material culture.



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NGV Australia

Federation Square

Ground Level, NGV Design Studio



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