FAQ: Australian Technologies Curriculum

What is the current situation with the Technologies Curriculum?

Due to the federal Australian Curriculum Review, the state ministers for education have not yet endorsed this curriculum, but it is ‘available for use’.


Where can I find the Australian Technologies Curriculum?

The Australian Technologies Curriculum (F-10) has been published on the ACARA Australian Curriculum website: http://www.australiancurriculum.edu.au/technologies/rationale


What’s happening in Victoria – when and how are we implementing the new Technologies curriculum?

Victorian schools should be fully implementing the Australian Technologies curriculum from the start of 2017.

In Victoria, we are currently using the AusVELS Design Creativity and Technology curriculum, but schools should be reviewing and gradually implementing a change to the Australian Technologies Curriculum.

  • In Term 1, 2015 – VCAA will publish the 2nd iteration of AusVELS that is based on the Australian Curriculum
  • Schools should be reviewing their current curriculum and trialling units of work during 2015-2016
  • Government and Catholic schools are required to follow the AusVELS version of the Australian Curriculum
  • Independent schools can choose to follow the AusVELS Technologies curriculum or refer directly to the ACARA Australian Technologies Curriculum when implementing their revised curriculum
  • All schools are required to implement the Australian Curriculum
  • According to the VCAA Curriculum Planning Guidelines, the Technologies curriculum will be:
    • ‘Drawn on’ in the curriculum from Foundation to Year 2
    • Fully reported on from Years 3 - 10


Will there be a Senior Years (Years 11-12) Australian Curriculum developed for the Technologies area?

At this stage there are no plans for a national Year 11/12 subject in the Technologies area that might replace or duplicate any of the Technology VCE study designs. It is unlikely that anything will be developed.