The New Design & Technologies Curriculum

The new Victorian Design & Technologies Curriculum has been implemented and DATTA Vic has a range of professional learning events and resources to help.

Design Thinking Masterclass for D&T Teachers at Monash University.

Monash University’s Faculty of Art Design and Architecture is offering 10 Secondary School Design and Technologies teachers the opportunity to join an exclusive FREE 2-day Masterclass in Design Thinking on March 29 & 30, 2019. 

VCE PD&T SAT Criteria & Related Exam Questions (PL1907)

Join DATTA Vic for this briefing that takes an in-depth,step-by-step look at the new VCE PD&T assessment criteria and explores related exam questions for 2019.

Build your own Infrared, Remote-Controlled STEaM Model (PL1906)

DATE & LOCATION COMING SOON. This workshop will be delivered by Pat McMahon, who, in the last 8 years has taught over 2000 students from years 7 to 10 to build and control award-winning Picaxe Microcontrollers. Pat has received numerous regional, state and national awards, and his students’ work – some of which will be on display at this workshop – has been shown overseas.

VCE Systems Engineering Units 1 & 3 for New & Returning Teachers (PL1905)

DATE TBC. This workshop, which covers all you need to know about the new VCE Systems Engineering Units 1 & 3, is ideal for teachers who are new, those returning to the profession and anyone who wants the latest information on assessment criteria.

Introduction to VEX Robotics (PL1926)

This full-day workshop giving you all the information you need to get started on building, programming and competing with VEX Robots

VCE PD&T Units 1 & 3 for New & Returning Teachers (PL1902)

DATE TBC. Get ready for the year ahead with this workshop, which covers all you need to know about the new VCE PD&T Units 1 & 3. It's ideal for teachers who are new or returning to the profession, or who simply want to improve their knowledge and understanding.

VCE PD&T SAT Folio Student Workshop via Polycom (PL1901)

DATE TBC. This workshop will offer rural and regional students an invaluable insight into the requirements for the School -Assessed Task in VCE Product Design & Technology. Participants will be taken through all the components of their folios by an experienced presenter. Not to be missed!

The Victorian Design Challenge 2019 WASTE CHALLENGE

Teachers, get your classes involved to tackle one of the great challenges of our time – waste. There are great prizes and the winning team will receive support to developtheir ideas. 

Design in Art: Frida Kahlo, Art Deco & Gothic Beauty (PL1860)

This professional learning event at Bendigo Art Gallery offers a program that enables textiles teachers to be guided through three new exhibitions all which focus on elements of costume, fashion and design.