So You Think You Can Design

So You Think You Can Design (SYTYCD) is a design competition that has been taking place in Victoria since 2014. Always looking to push the possibilities, SYTYCD sets contemporary design challenges and encourages the use of prototyping and new technologies.





National Competition 2017


All entries to be submitted by Monday 13 November 2017



Students will design a product that attempts to solve a personal, local or global problem.



1x Digital Poster (A2 size)

1x CAD model suitable for 3D printing (optional)



* Name of product

* Description of product

* Inspiration for product 

* Concept sketches showing development of product

* Annotations explaining construction and features of product

* CAD model showing different views of product (optional)



If included the CAD model must be sent as .stl file and be suitable for printing. The model may be a scaled-down example of a larger final design.

DATTA Australia can not solve any model/printing issues so make sure you test it before sending.

We will attempt to print your model and put it on display with your poster.



Open to all primary and secondary students.

All work submitted must be the student's own work (teachers to assist with technical issues and skills only)

Entries must be uploaded to a file sharing website and the links sent to 

Include the student's name, age, school and teacher contact details.

All entries to be submitted by Monday 30 October 2017.



DATTA Australia will print posters and CAD models which will be displayed at the DATTA Vic conference on 1 December 2017.

Teachers at the confernce will vote for their favourite product and the winner will be announced on the day.



Please direct any questions to 

Good luck!





Is PowerPoint adequate to create a digital poster? 



What CAD software is best for primary students to use to design a model of their product?

Sketchup is free and easy to use (lot's of helpful videos on youtube) but there are lots of other CAD software programs online.


Does the model of the product need to be test printed on a 3D printer?

You don't have to include a CAD model - but if possible, it would be a good idea to test it before sending.