Design and Technology Information Night

A great way to change perceptions of Design and Technology is to hold an information night at your school for students and parents.  

Here are our suggestions for a successful, fun and informative information evening -

* Cheese and wine - make it a fun night for the parents!

* Organise a display of student work. Get out the best portfolios and products of your students. VCE students’ work should be complete and available for Design and Technology Week.

* Discuss and show examples of what students are doing in your faculty at each year level.

* Use DATTA Vic power point to highlight career potentials in Design and Technology

* Encourage your school careers advisor to talk about Design and Technology related courses at local universities.

* Invite local universities to send a representative to your school to talk about their Design and Technology related offerings.

* Invite a designer or engineer to talk to students and parents about their own career path and work.

* Have a fun design activity - Engineers Without Borders can facilitate short, fun activities for students and parents.