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  • Click HERE for the F-10 Victorian Design & Technologies Curriculum
  • Click HERE for the VCAA's Curriculum advice area for Design & Technologies.  You'll find information here on curriculum planning, assessment & reporting
  • Click HERE for F-10 D&T Curriculum Mapping documents


  • Click HERE for the 2018-2022 VCE PD&T Study Design
  • Click HERE for the VCE PD&T Advice for Teachers
  • Click HERE for the PD&T Exam Specifications
  • Click HERE for the Assessment Criteria
  • Click HERE for past exam & exam reports in VCE PD&T

Design Thinking & The Design Process

Design for Change

Design for Change is the largest global movement of children driving change in their communnities using design.  Click HERE for some great inspirational stories and fresh ideas for classroom projects!


Resources from the Design Museum

What is Good Design? - a great resource from the UK's Design Museum on Dieter Rams Ten Principles

Memphis Group - Awful or Awesome?

Angelpoise Under the Spotlight

Post-in Notes - why has this iconic design stuck around for 40 years?

Thonet Chair No. 14 - the world's most popular chair


Resources from the Design Institute at Stanford

The Bootcamp Bootleg is a great resource on Design Thinking from the Stanford Design Institute

Take the Five Chair Challenge with your students!

The Spaghetti Marshmallow Challenge is a great introduction to design thinking


Fusion 360

Aaron Powter from Harvester Technical College has shared an amazing range of Fusion 360 tutorials for teachers - thanks so much Aaron!  Click on the links below to watch.


Autodesk Fusion 360 Tutorials for F1 in Schools

Click HERE for a great range of Fusion 360 online tutorials based on the F1 in Schools program.


Other Programs


DATTA Vic runs teacher Professional Learning workshops for teachers in CREO. Contact Laura at if your school is interested in participating.

Classroom Projects 

If you have any resources you can share with your fellow teachers, send them to Laura at

DATTA Vic members - Log in to the website and click HERE for our range of members-only resources. If you have problems logging in, contact Hannah at


7-10 Classroom Projects

Damien Ridley from Edinburgh College shared these fantastic classroom projects.



Challenge your students design and technology knowledge with these five quick quizes (and don't worry, the answers are there for you too!)



Design Competitions


Need some D&T-themed posters for the walls of your workshop?  We've found some exampleas here - some are for sale and some are free to download.

  • Teacher Andrew Nicholls has developed a fantastic range of posters on the design process and on technical drawing, which are for sale though his website.

  • The James Dyson Foundation have downloadable posters on the Design Process and Design Engineering
  • PBS Media (U.S.) has a poster on the Design Process
  • The Forestry Corporation has a range of printable posters on different types of wood
  • Design Victoria produced a What is Eco Design? poster
  • Don't forget your Design & Technology Week 2017 poster!  You can download it HERE, and when you register, we'll send you some hard copies!
  • Maplesoft have free maths & engineering posters to download and print
  • NASA have a wealth of posters available to download on their website, and many feature design and engineering topics, such as aerospace design and innovation through engineering. Click HERE to browse them all.






  • Click HERE for a Life Cycle Analysis of plastic from the Centre for Sustainable Design Strategies
  • The CSDC also have a Life Cycle Analysis for composits
  • The Nail-It is an award-winning 3D-printed tool from QLD students Aidan and Nima, designed to help people with arthritis or Parkinsons Disease.  This link includes the source files for free.
  • e-NABLE is on online community of 3D designers developing prosthetics and other products to help people.  Their website has a range of 3D printing resources
  • NASA has an amazing range of 3D printable models on their website
  • SketchupSchool has a step-by-step guide to 3D Printing from Sketchup
  • The American Chemistry Council has a website on how plastics are made and their affects on the environment
  • has information on plastics recycling codes, and also their environmental impactl
  • National Geographic has produced a Smart Plastics Guide, with info on their uses, recyclability and health impacts. 


Health and Safety


Further Study

Science and Technology