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VCE PD&T Support Material Units 1-4  

Individual units (Unit 1, 1201; Unit 2, 1202; Unit 3, 1203, Unit 4, 1204)

Were $75.00 each for members; $91.50 each for non-members

NOW ONLY $35 for members: $40 for non-members

Also available - Cross Studies Specifications $8 for members; $10 for non-members (1205)


Buy the complete set

Was $260.00 for members; $360.00 for non-members

NOW ONLY $50 for members: $70 for non-members (1200)

Each hard copy resource includes a CD Rom with PDFs and Cross Study Specifications, plus activities in Word documents.

2016 PD&T Practice Exam and Sample Response Booklet  (R0204)

by Jill Livett & Jacinta O'Leary

An excellent reource to help prepare your Product Design & technology class for the end-of-year exam.

  • The Practice Exam follows the format of the VCAA PD&T exam and gives your students an authentic exam experience
  • The Sample Response Booklet provides:
  • examples of responses to the exam questions
  • alternatives responses for different materials and content areas
  • design option drawings
  • helpful hints that explain how to approach different types of questions 
  • Developed by experienced PD&T teachers and writers

This resource is available as a downloadable PDF file

NOW ONLY $20 for Members: $25 for non-members


2016 & 2015 PD&T Practice Exam and Sample Response Package (R0206)

A great deal - get both the 2016 and 2015 practice exams & sample resonse booklets in one digital package - 

Members price: $35  Non-members prIce: $40


2015 PD&T Practice Exam and Sample Response Package (R0203)

Members price: $20  Non-members prIce: $25


Sustainability Package (R0205)

Comprises of the Good Design Guide, Designers on Sustainability DVD and Design Play Cards


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Or buy items individually:

The Good Design Guide (R0202) 

Members price: $75; Non-members price: $78

Designers on Sustainability DVD (R0201)

Member price: $30; Non-member price: $40

Design Play Cards (R0198)

Member price: $25; Non-member price: $27

Product Design & Technology VCE Units 1-4 Textbook (R0080) 

Member Price: $65; Non-member price: $68

PD&T VCE Units 1-4 Wood Metal Plastics Workbook (R0200) 

Member price: $29; Non-member price: $32

PD&T VCE Units 1-4 Textiles Workbook (RO199)

Member price: $29; Non-member price: $32

Literacy in Design & Technology (R0068)

Only available directly from the publisher for PDF Download

Numeracy in Design & Technology (R0069)

Member price: $38; Non-member price: $42

Also available for PDF Download

Systems Engineering VCE Units 1-4 3rd Edition (R0197)

Member price: $65; Non-member price: $68

Textiles Technology for Years 9 & 10 (R0074)

Member price: $55; Non-member price: $60

Nelson Introducing Technology (R0192)

Member price: $40; Non-member: $45

Nelson Activity Manual ((R0193)

Member price: $22; Non-member price: $26