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Design, Make, Think - Primary Design & Technologies

DATTA Vic is currently working on a 3-year project to collate and develop resources for teaching primary Design and Technologies which is supported by the DET's Strategic Partnership Project Fund.

If you have ideas for projects or lesson plans, get in touch with Laura at

Below are some great links for teaching Design & Technologies in the primary classroom.  Also, you can check our our STEaM Webpage for other cross-curricular resources


  • Click HERE for the F-10 Victorian Design & Technologies Curriculum
  • Click HERE for the VCAA's Curriculum advice area for Design & Technologies.  You'll find information here on curriculum planning, assessment & reporting
  • Click HERE for F-10 D&T Curriculum Mapping documents


Teacher Presentations

  • Click HERE for a presentation on The Victorian Curriculum: Introduction & Overview - Focus on Technologies by Leanne Compton, VCAA Technologies Curriculum Manager
  • Click HERE for a summary of the Australian National Curriculum for Primary Teachers by Jill Livett, DATTA Vic Vice-President and Resource Manager


The New Technologies Curriculum for Primary Teachers

On the 28th of April, DATTA Vic ran a workshop on the New Technologies Curriculum for Primary Teachers at Melbourne Museum, in partnership with DLTV and Home Economics Victoria. As well as an in-depth exploration of the new curriculum, participants took away idea for implementation in their schools, and, thanks to Sciencworks and Discovery Bendigo, a wealth of ideas for classroom projects!  

  • Click HERE for The New Design & Technology Curriculum presentation (DATTA Vic)
  • Click HERE for the New Design & Technology - Food Specialisations Curriculum Presentation (Home Economics Victoria)
  • Click HERE for the New Technologies Curriculum presentation (Digital Learning & Teaching Victoria)

Lesson Plans & Units of Work

Sounds Like...

DATTA Vic and Discovery Science & Technology Centre Bendigo collaborated on Sounds Like - a Primary STEM Project which is based on sound and music.

Click on the links above to download the lesson plan, complete with extension activities


3D PrintaCar Inquiry Planner

A new unit outline on 3D Printing & Technologies, written by Laburnum Primary School, the winners of the Quantum Victoria 2015 3D PrintaCar Challenge

Shadow Puppets

A unit outline for a shadow puppet project project with links to other learning areas, work program and assessment strategies

What Keeps You Warm in the Winter?

A unit outline looking at designing bedding for the homeless

The Foil Challenge

A great hands-on introduction to design thinking for younger students from The Institute of Design at Stanford

Useful Links

Check out DATTA Vic's other web pages for Design & Technologies resources for working with Wood, Metal & Plastics, Textiles and Electronics

Primezone provides teachers with access to a range of primary industries education resources - great for Food & Fibre projects!

Create the Future - Get Your School Making! - a wonderful resource from Digipubs

Sew Electric - a great Wearable Technologies website with simple project guides

ABC Splash - Robotics - a great collection of vidoes on robotics with some targetted at primaries

iSTEM - ME Program - some great STEM resources, including Primary Units, from BORSTES, the Board of Studies Teaching & Educational Standards NSW

Vivify's STEM Education Blog - want to run a STEM Family Event at your school?  This website tells you how!

The James Dyson Foundation has a wonderful range of challenges and projects for Primary schools on design engineering (UK)

Technology Education - STEM Resources - a site from the US with a range of STEM resources & teaching tools for all levels

The Your House Teacher Resource Kit, produced for the Australian Institute of Architects' Children & Architecture project, intruduces the main issues affecting the build environment through studies of familiar surroundings - the home, the neighbourhood and the school (AUS)

Balloon Powered Car by Questacon (AUS)

Instructables - Project Based Engineering for Kids 

The HomeSchool Scientist - 100 Engineering Projects (US) - 25 STEAM Ptrojects for Kids

Music and Sound by Questacon (AUS)

Corrugated Paper by Questacon (AUS)

Properties of Materials online game by (NZ)

Introduction to Robotics lesson plan by (NZ)

Design Squad by PBS Kids

The Design Challenge Teaching Ideas by Bachelor of Education (Primary) teacher education students in Technology Education, School of Education and Professional Studies, Griffith University, Gold Coast campus (AUS)

DT Teaching Ideas (UK)

How to teach...Robots by the Guardian (UK)

Engineers Without Borders Australia School Outreach (AUS)

Designing & Making with Textiles by the Nuffield Foundation (UK)

Designing & Making with textiles for Year 1 by the Nuffield Foundation (UK)

Primary Technology Using Stories from History by the Association for Science Education (UK)

Five Construction Challenges for Kids by (USA)

How to make your own LED tilt lamp

Children's Engineering - a Teacher Resource Guide for Design & Technology in Grades K-5 (USA)

Halloween STEM Roundup by Science Buddies (USA)

Controlling Movement Using a Computer by the Nuffield Foundation (UK)

Book List

Here's a wide range of books about design, engineering and creativity, both fiction and non-fiction, for younger children - pass this on to your school librarian!

What to do with an Idea by Kobi Yamada

Rosie Revere Engineer by Andrea Beaty

Iggy Peck Architect by Andrea beaty

The Most Magnificent Thing by Ashley Spires

Girls Think of Everything - Stories of Ingenious Inventions by Women by Catherine Thimmesh

Changing Designs by Catherine Veitch

Bioengineering: Discover How Nature Inspires Human Designs by Christie Burillo-Kirtch

The Art of Lego Design by Jordan Schwartz

Coding for Begnners - Using Scratch by Joanna Melmoth

Get Coding! by Young Rewired State

Lift the Flap - Computers & Coding by Rosie Dickens

Maker Projects  - Various Themes

I Can Make... Makerspace Projects- Various Themes by Emily Reid