FAQ: Log-in

Getting logged in as a member on the website

I’ve forgotten or lost my log-in details?

Your log-in is your name. When you first became a member or were given the opportunity to log-in, you were given a temporary password. You needed to use that to log on and set your own password. If you have forgotten your password, follow the ‘forgotten your password’ link below the log-in. You will be sent an email to create a new password.


School membership log-in

For those with a school DATTA Vic membership, the log-in name is that of the person who organised the school membership, and they will have set a password (Note: please set a generic password appropriate for all your school DATTA Vic members). This log-in and password can be shared with other members covered by the school’s DATTA Vic membership.



What resources are available in the ‘members only’ section when I log in?

At the moment, we have a number of Units of Work on the resources page. We also have access to an archive of our Technotes journal that have all be made available in digital form.

We are adding materials to the member’s resources all the time.